Buy data for business

If you need weather and climate data, you can buy it at DMI. The price depends on the amount of data.

DMI’s meteorological data will though become free in phases between 2019-2022.

Buy data

You can buy:

  • Observations
  • Climatedata
  • Forecasts
  • Analysis

Data about climate information and climate research

Find out more about what kind of climate data and -information. that DMI kan deliver regarding climate research: Guide to Climate Data and Information from the Danish Meteorological Institute (pdf).

Find out more about DMIs network of measurements

Which measurer, collects what? Read more in this report: Catalogue of Meteorological Stations in Denmark (pdf).


To an estimation on the price or to get data, please fill in the contact-formula below. Here you can also ask questions, that hasn't been answered in the above reports/links. You can expect an answer within 14 days.